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OGF20 F2F meeting May 11 (Fri), 2007

As of 11 May, 2007

related infomation

Date and location

  • Date: 11 May, 2007
  • Time: 9am - 5pm
  • Location: The University of Manchester
  • Building: Kilburn, School of Computer Science, which is building 39 (near centre of campus map); there's a bus stop directly outside the building. Buses along Oxford Road are very frequent (bus network map) and best caught from outside the Palace Hotel if you're staying near the OGF venue, though that's only about 10 minutes away from our building by foot. The entrance is not at street level but rather two stories up (the upper entrance in this fairly recent picture, just under the notice saying "Kilburn Building"); you will need to use either the paved stairway outside building 32 (turn right by 180 degrees at the top) or the metal stairs at the south-western corner of the Kilburn building.
  • Room: Mercury (1.19) - we may change this to one of the neighbouring rooms; check for posted signs once you enter the department. There are also internal floor maps posted. All of these rooms are on the level that you enter at. All may be reached by following the corridor round the edge of the roof garden with the sculpture in it.

The building is in the middle of this map.

  • We (Stephen Pickles and Donal Fellows) need to know if there are going to be more than 20 people attending since that influences how we go about booking the venue. Up to 20 we can handle with no problem; above that, and we need plenty of time to get things sorted out (unless people are satisfied with being in two separate rooms, of course).
  • Stephen and Donal: Based on our past experiences, attendees should be less than 20. (Hiro)

Dial-in information

  • US Toll number: +1 408-961-6509 (San Jose) and +1 718-354-1071 (New York)
  • UK Toll number: +44 (0)207 365-5269
  • JP Toll number: +81 (0)3 3570 8225
  • The pass code: 4371991

Proposed agenda

Morning 9am-12:30pm

  • Glossary (Jem, 1 hour) *confirmed by Jem*
  • OGSA_authz (David Chadwick, 30 mins will be sufficient)
  • Info/data modeling (Ellen Stokes, 2 hours) *confirmed by Ellen*
    • Information Services thoughts, Adrian Toft, 30 minutes
    • information service perspective from Intel, Ravi S., 30 min
Afternoon 1:30-5pm
  • OGSA workflow (Chris Kantarjiev, Steven McGough and Michel Drescher, 2 hours) *confirmed by Chris*
  • OGSA general session (Hiro, 1.5 hours) *confirmed by Hiro*
    • F2F meeting
    • leadership
    • document status
    • telecons

Breaks, Lunch

We've got drinks (coffee/tea/OJ) booked from about 10:30. The meeting room is also very close to our staff room which serves a reasonable range of drinks and snacks up until 15:30. The staff room serve some light lunches (e.g. sandwich, baked potato) but there are several nicer places to eat or get sandwiches within easy walking distance.

Attendees List

Attendees in person (15)

  • Hiro Kishimoto (Fujitsu)
  • Andreas Savva (Fujitsu)
  • Chris Kantarjiev (Oracle)
  • Ellen Stokes (IBM)
  • David Snelling (Fujitsu)
    • I'm guessing that I can make it in the afternoon, but this depends on the EGEE schedule. I certainly can't make all day.
  • Donal Fellows (Manchester Univ)
  • Steven Newhouse (OMII)
  • Michel Drescher (Fujitsu)
  • David Chadwick (Kent Univ)
  • Bahareh Rahmanzadeh Heravi
  • Jem Treadwell (HP)
    • possible/probable; most likely morning only
  • Fred Brisard (CA)
    • I am interested in everything but mostly the workflow and authz discussions.
  • Fred Maciel (Hitachi America)
    • I will quite probably participate the whole day.
  • Adrian Toth (University of Miskolc)

Dial-in (2)

  • Fabio Benedetti (IBM)
  • Frank Siebenlist (Globus)

Apologies (5)

  • Andrew Grimshaw (University of Virginia)
  • Mark Morgan (University of Virginia)
  • Allen Luniewski (IBM)
  • Chris Smith (Platform)
  • Jean-Pierre Prost (IBM)

Group Dinner

Tuesday eveing after reception (there will only be light food available). Restaurant suggestion very welcome.


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