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GGF18 F2F meeting Sept. 14 & 15

As of Sept. 14, 2006

related infomation

Date and location

  • Date: 14 and 15 Sept, 2006
  • Time: 2:30-6pm on Thursday, 8:30am-noon on Friday
  • Location: IBM 1301 K. Street

Dial-in information

  • US Toll number: +1 408-961-6509 (San Jose) and +1 718-354-1071 (New York)
  • UK Toll number: +44 (0)207 365-5269
  • JP Toll number: +81 (0)3 3570 8225
  • The pass code: 4371991

Proposed agenda

Thursday afternoon (2:30-6pm)

  • A joint EMS/Data session (Dave and Andreas, 1 hr)
    • Since many Data members will be leaving on Thursday it would be good to arrange some time early on Thursday.
  • OGSA BES & HPC-profile interop (Andrew, 10 min)
    • Andrew explaines interop plan which OGSA-BES WG and OGSA-HPCP WG are planing.
  • OGSA-RSS (Donal Fellows, 1H)
    • discuss the EPS and its relation to the rest of the EMS arch
    • Donal plans to fly home Friday afternoon out of IAD.
  • OGSA general session (Tom and Hiro, 1H)
    • OGSA direction and priority
    • winter F2F schedule

Friday morning (8:30am-noon)

  • JSDL session (Steve McGough, 1 hr)
    • Bashing out ideas for JSDL 2.0
  • OGSA general session (Tom and Hiro, 2H)
    • OGSA WSRF BP R0711 (WS-BaseFault) discussion
    • document status review
    • OGSA roadmap v1.1 (Chris Jordan)
    • telecon schedule

We will close the meeting at noon thus we can escape from DC before Friday rush hour.

Attendees List

Attendees in person (25)

  • Tom Maguire (EMC)
  • Hiro Kishimoto (Fujitsu)
  • Andreas Savva (Fujitsu)
  • Andrew Grimshaw (University of Virginia)
    • I'll be there at least on Thursday.
  • David Snelling (Fujitsu)
    • I might be late on Thursday PM
  • Ellen Stokes (IBM)
    • I will need to leave the afternoon of Fri Sep 15 session by 3pm because last flight home leaves Washington DC at 4:55pm.
  • Jay Unger (IBM)
  • Steve McGough (Imperial Collage)
  • Mark Morgan (University of Virginia)
    • It would be nice to leave the DC area before rush hour if possible.
  • Michel Drescher (Fujitsu)
  • Jem Treadwell (HP)
    • I'll certainly be at the f2f on Thursday, but currently I'm not planning to stay for Friday, though I can dial for some sessions if needed.
  • Donal Fellows (Manchester Univ)
    • I plan to fly home Friday afternoon out of IAD.
  • Fred Maciel (Hitachi)
  • Marvin Theimer (Microsoft)
    • I will only be able to attend the F2F meetings on Thursday.
  • Duane Merrill (University of Virginia)
    • may be
  • Mike Behrens (R2AD LLC)
  • Pete Ziu (Northrop Grumman)
  • Ravi Subramaniam (Intel)
    • I am working to attend GGF18 and F2F.
  • Chris Jordon (SDSC)
  • Allen Luniewski (IBM)
    • I am now planning to be at the OGSA F2F on Thursday for, at the least.
  • Fred Brisard (CA)
  • Steven Newhouse (OMII)
  • Hugo Mills (U of Southampton)
  • Pietro Iannucci (IBM Italy)
  • Dave Berry (NeSC)
    • I expect to be at the F2F for an hour on Thursday, although I will have to leave at 3:30 sharp.

Dial-in (2)

  • Susanne Balle (HP)
    • I have to travel back Thursday afternoon but would like to be able to dial-in on Friday (I am especially interested in Friday morning).
  • Ali Anjomshoaa (EPCC)
    • Would like to join the Friday morning JSDL session by phone

Apologies (4)

  • Ian Foster (ANL)
  • Frank Siebenlist (ANL)
  • Takuya Mori (NEC)
  • Chris Smith (Platform)
    • Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the F2F sessions due to some other meetings that have been scheduled.

Group Dinner


  • Data/time: Tuesday evening (after OGF launch reception)
  • Rendezvous: GridWorld (not OGF) reception desk at 7pm
  • Bethesda Crab House, 4958 Bethesda Ave. Bethesda, MD, 301-652-3382, Open for dinner midnight daily.


  • Date/time: Thursday evening
  • Rendezvous: IBM 1301 K. Street at 6pm
  • House BBQ by Mike Behrens: I would host BBQ at my house which is about 35 minutes away from downtown via metro (20 minutes metro + 15 minute walk from station). Or, 25 minutes to drive. BBQ-Directions.pdf
BBQ-Directions.pdf [GGF18F2F/BBQ-Directions.pdf]

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