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Gridforge Feedback

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  1. Thanks for the major effort of upgrading "the beast" to a newer version! :-) (MDr)
  2. Thanks! The performance becomes better (usable level) today. (Hiro, June 16)

Problems still open

  1. The old Gridforge Project Administration 'toolbox' included an "Audit Log" tool that provided information on who changed what. Is this still available? (AS)
    • Will check. (JR)
  2. On the OGSA-WG page none of the links in the Group Links work correctly. Is there any way the WG admins can manage this page? (Jem Treadwell, June 13)
    • on the living charter form (, you can change most of the contents of the entry page for your project. Alas, the group links are not amongst those. Joel knows probably how to change those. (AM)
      • When I go to that link I only have the option to create a new charter - possibly because I'm not the owner of any? (Jem, June 16)
  3. Some links from the GGF site's "Archived comments" page to the comment forum are broken. The OGSA Architecture & Glossary documents both have broken links, but at least one other document works OK. (Jem, June 14).
  4. The public comment forums (EDITOR project) do not show a 'create' button so additional comments cannot be posted. (Also cannot reply to already existing comments.) (AS)
    • Confirmed. However, the forum permissions seem to be set correctly (world R/W) *sigh*. This is something for GF support again I suppose. (AM)
    • EDITOR project permissions have been corrected, and now comments can be posted. A difference from the old Gridforge is that a user must login to post comments, so comments cannot be anonymous. It will take a Sourceforge mod to change this. (JR)
  5. GGF-Project-Admin should have Document Admin: permission by default (AS)
  6. All notification subscriptions on old GridForge have reset. Is it possible to recover? (Hiro, June 20)
  7. After login the user is always taken to their home page. This is inconvenient if one has already navigated to a specific page on gridforge and needs to login before performing some action like uploading a file or editing a wiki. If I recall correctly on the old gridforge the user stayed on the same page after login and it would be nice to have the same behaviour on the new system. (AS)
  8. I had customized the Status values of Trackers on the old gridforge. The customized values were correctly migrated but the default setting for initial submissions was set to the 'Closed' value... This is not a big problem since the default value can be changed using Tracker Admin but it might be worth noting in case other people run into it. (AS)
  9. Bulk download feature (download all documents in single folder) is took off. It is annoying to download 40 files one by one (Hiro, July 30)
  10. Some document icons are not shown properly (plain icon for doc and ppt file, e.g. (Hiro, July 30)

Problems closed

  1. some projects (e.g. GFS-WG) seem non-public, i.e. don't appear in the all-projects listing if not logged in (AM)
    • Fixed (JR)
  2. I want to move a posted document to another folder but I cannot find 'cut button' at the bottom (Page 110 of the User Guide says I should have this). (Hiro June 15).
    • I _do_ find the cut button. I expect that this has the same reason as your problem with folder renaming below. Can you confirm that you are logged in, and have the permissions to create/delete documents? (AM)
      • After I added the Document Admin rights (see below) the cut button shows. (AS)
  3. How do I change a document type to the correct one if gridforge chooses the wrong one? (The old gridforge had this function but the new manual doesn't say anything about it.) Also, is the document type determined solely by the extension of the uploaded file? (AS)
    • It seems so: a .doc file renamed to .pdf is incorrectly typed, and I could not see a way to change that either. I think we have to ask SF support about this one.
    • workaround (== anoying) is to take extra care of the used document extension (AM)
      • A temporary hack is to re-upload the file with the correct extension. In this case however the old version is still the wrong type. (AS)
  4. I want to rename a document folder but I cannot find either rename option or edit menu (page 113 of the User Guide says I should have both). (Hiro, June 16)
    • I tried this, and works for a project I admin. I did:
      • enter the doc folder
      • abover the doc folder tab, select edit
      • from there, delect rename
      • a window pops up which allows to rename the active folder
    • Please check if you are allowed to create/change document folders, and that you don't block popups (AM)
      • I fixed this for OGSA-WG and JSDL-WG by changing the role permissions for the GGF-Project-Admin on Documents. I ticked the Document Admin: box. Shouldn't this be on by default for this role? (AS)
  5. GF seems to drop login info now and then, which leads to page access errors (AM)
    • seems to be related to the browser navigation buttons, in my case. login information seem to be all right as long navigation is done in GF itself. (AM)
  6. I am unable to download attachments from migrated tracker artifacts. Also the attachment size seems to be wrong. (An 8-Byte MS Word document?) See (AS)
    • The download of the last attached doc suceeds. Note that the other docs have a space in their file name - I wonder if that is related to the problem. (AM)
      • Looking at the other artifacts on that tracker it looks like only one attached file per tracker artifact made it through the migration. Spaces in attachment file names do not seem to be the issue, see (AS)
      • Can you please look into getting our data back? (AS)
        • This was a problem during the first test-conversion from old to new versions, but it appeared to have been fixed. We'll check with our sourceforge support people to restore the files. The 8-byte code is a key (as you might guess) in a database table that contains the attachments as BLOBs; in the initial test conversion, *all* attached files appeared as these 7 or 8-byte codes :-(. (JR)
    • This has been resolved (JR)
      • Excellent! Thank you very much. (AS)


  1. I'd like to propose to put these issues listed under problems in the trackers of the ggf-info project. That way, everybody can see a current list of issues. On the other hand, these trackers may be linked in this Wiki in a sort of FAQ section? (MDr)



Versions Associations Attachments Back Links  
Version Version Comment Created By
Version 34 Add new issue; bulk download, plain icons. Hiro Kishimoto - 07/29/2006
Version 33 Joel Replogle - Test - 07/08/2006
Version 32 Andreas Savva - 07/03/2006
Version 31 Andreas Savva - 06/22/2006
Version 30 Andreas Savva - 06/21/2006
Version 29 Add notification subscription issue Hiro Kishimoto - 06/20/2006
Version 28 Joel Replogle - 06/20/2006
Version 27 Andre Merzky - 06/20/2006
Version 26 I've separete problems into "still open" and "closed." Hiro Kishimoto - 06/19/2006
Version 25 Jem Treadwell - 06/16/2006
Version 24 Andreas Savva - 06/16/2006
Version 23 Andreas Savva - 06/16/2006
Version 22 Andre Merzky - 06/16/2006
Version 21 Andreas Savva - 06/15/2006
Version 20 Hiro Kishimoto - 06/15/2006
Version 19 Michel Drescher - 06/15/2006
Version 18 Andreas Savva - 06/14/2006
Version 17 Hiro Kishimoto - 06/14/2006
Version 16 Jem Treadwell - 06/14/2006
Version 15 Jem Treadwell - 06/13/2006
Version 14 Joel Replogle - 06/12/2006
Version 13 Joel Replogle - 06/12/2006
Version 12 Joel Replogle - Test - 06/12/2006
Version 11 Andre Merzky - 06/12/2006
Version 10 Andre Merzky - 06/12/2006
Version 9 Joel Replogle - 06/12/2006
Version 8 Joel Replogle - 06/12/2006
Version 7 Andreas Savva - 06/10/2006
Version 6 Andre Merzky - 06/09/2006
Version 5 Andreas Savva - 06/09/2006
Version 4 Joel Replogle - 06/01/2006
Version 3 Joel Replogle - 06/01/2006
Version 2 Joel Replogle - 06/01/2006
Version 1 Joel Replogle - 06/01/2006

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