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Workflow Management Research Group WFM_RG


Ewa Deelman,

Ian Taylor,

Miron Livny,

Secretary(s): Tbd

Email list:, to subscribe email with the following command in the body of your email message: subscribe wfm-rg

Web page:

Focus/Purpose: The purpose of this group is to explore, evaluate and propose workflow representation and mapping techniques that enable the high-level description of application workflows and their execution in the Grid environment. An area of emphasis will be on scientific workflows, which describe the behavior of complex applications. We will investigate workflow issues as they pertain to the entire workflow lifecycle, starting from the reuse of generic idioms for composing groups of tasks, to the tracking of the progress of a complex task or workflow from the initial formulation of desired end tasks or data products through to execution, including refinement and repair.

The group will aim to work closely with other areas and groups within the GGF such as:

Distributed Resource Management Application API (DRMAA-WG), Data Access and Integration Services (DAIS-WG), Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA-WG), Semantic Grid (SEM-RG), and Advanced Programming Models (APM-RG).

Additionally the group will follow the developments in other industry and research bodies, such as the W3C.

Scope: Workflows today play a very important role in the scientific and business communities. Applications today are not monolithic entities, rather complex workflows that need to be realized in a given environment. The Grid, as an workflow execution environment is very complex because of its dynamic and heterogeneous nature. The workflow management research group will focus on a variety of aspects of workflow management in the Grid environment. We will identify existing technologies as well as open issues that pertain to the entire workflow lifecycle.

Although one focus of the group is on scientific workflows, business workflows are also within the scope.

Where appropriate, the research group may spin off working groups.

Proposed tasks:

Provide a forum to discuss and share best practice in projects that use workflows to represent complex applications. Track workflow activities within W3C and inform the Grid community on what tools and ideas are relevant in the Grid environment. To evaluate the applicability of web services coordination to grid services. To explore various existing technologies applicable to workflow management. To identify the open issues in the area.


The goal of the group is to foster the exchange of ideas, to explore various aspects of workflow management in Grids. As such we propose to a series of topical discussions and presentations and to generate reports reflecting the issues discussed during the meetings.

Produce the following documents:

Summary of the GGF 10 Workflow (GGF11)

Workflow Specification Languages and Tools (GGF12)

Business and Science Workflows in the Grid Environment. (GGF13)

Workflow Management Research in Web Services and Applicability to Grid Services (GGF 14)

Workflow Execution Systems in Grids (GGF 15)

Fault Management in Workflow Execution (GGF16)

Taxonomy of Workflow Issues and Systems(GGF 17)

Exit Strategy:

The ultimate goal of this group is to construct a taxonomy of workflow issues and systems. Given that workflow management is just beginning to be addressed in Grids, this research group may extend beyond the 2 year limit.


GGF9, October 2003, Chicago

Minutes from the BOF, October 2003.

Presentations at the BOF:

Ewa Deelman: Workflow Management James Blythe: Planning Services for Workflow Execution

Marian Bubak (CrossGrid Project) Grid Application Workflow Composition Anthony Mayer (Imperial College) to be posted

Ewa Deelman: General Discussion Slides

GGF10, March 2004, Berlin

Workflow in Grid Systems Workshop

Minutes from Ad-Hoc Meeting, GGG10, March 2004:

l Minutes by Rosa Badia Minutes by Edward Walker


Ewa Deelman, Introduction

Alek Slominski, Update from the world of BPEL

Andreas Hoheisel, Workflow Specification in the Fraunhofer Resource Grid

Thomas Fahringer, Specifying and Representing Grid Workflow Applications with Teuta: a UML based approach

Gregor Von Laszewski, Workflow Specification in GridAnt

GGF11, June 2004, Honolulu

Meeting minutes by Ananth Rao


Ewa Deelman: Introduction and Discussion Items

Darren Pulsipher, Cadence "Workflow scripting language for grid computing"

Steve Mock, SDSC "SDSC Informnet: Grid Service based Workflow"

Luc Moreau, U. of South Hampton, "Towards iterators in the Virtual Data Language."

Yolanda Gil, USC, "Interactive Composition of Scientific Workflows“

GGF12, September 2004, Brussels

Minutes from the first session, by Andreas Hoheisel

Minutes from the second session, by Bill Nitzberg, summarized by Jim Blythe


Jim Blythe: Introduction, workflow scheduling and discussion items

Carole Goble, University of Manchester "Building ad hoc (personal) workflows in an open world: myGrid experiences"

Darren Pulsipher, Cadence "A look at industry workflows"

Thomas Soddemann, RZG, "The MiGenAS Workflow Engine"

GGF 15, October 2005, Boston

Minutes by Rob Simmonds


Ewa Deelman (USC/ISI) : Introduction Dennis Gannon (Indiana University), Workflow for service oriented computing in LEAD Ivona Brandic (University of Vienna) QoS-aware Grid Workflow Language and Execution Engine based on Web Service Technology Cesare Pautasso, (ETH Zurich) Modeling and Executing Heterogeneous Grid Workflows with JOpera

Related Links:

Scientific Workflow Projects:

NeSC workshop on e-Science Workflow Services:

The Grid Computing Environment Research Group:

CAT (Composition Analysis Tool) an ontology-based, mixed-initiative intelligent interface for Web service workflow composition.

Chimera: a workflow composition and provenance tracking system.

The Pegasus project: (Planning for Execution in Grids): maps abstract workflow descriptions to an executable workflow.


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