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Closed Action Items

Following is the list of closed action items as of 24 April 2007.

Closed April 23 Minutes

  • AI-0314a: Andrew to take 1 or 2 pager that he and Hiro wrote a year ago and send it out to the group.
    • It will be starting point for OGSA articles for places like ACM Communication or IEEE Computer.
  • AI-0316c: Hiro to launch Zoomerang on the date and location for the Summer F2F
  • AI-0409a: Andreas will check the discussion at the last F2F and update the wiki for the EMS Information Services session. (EMS session owner needs to be confirmed.)

Closed April 16 Minutes

  • AI-0402e: Chris J to add reference to SCRM wiki

Closed on the April 12 call Minutes

  • AI-0314pm-b: Andrew will contact QoX stakeholders with a view to arranging a session at OGF20, probably as an ad-hoc BOF.
    • Choose a specific topic in the SLA space (terms on response time, cost, availability, dependability) that can be applied to BES and ByteIO.

(Effectively) Closed on the April 12 call Minutes

  • AI-0305a: Jem will update the main glossary document and upload to Gridforge.

Closed on the April 2nd call (slot 1 minutes)

  • AI-0314b: Chris Jordan to complete these changes and some of these updates on the HPC Profile and Usecase Documents. Will send update version for review and further comment.

Closed on the March 26th call (slot 1 minutes)

  • AI-0314c: Hiro to talk to Chris Smith about workflow
  • AI-0314f: Chris K. to provide template for use case within a couple of days.

Closed on the March 14 F2F (minutes)

  • Andrew to produce a document drafting the definition of QoS
  • AI-0817a: Dave Berry and Jay Unger will approach groups (GIN, Globus, etc) that have implemented practical grids and start a discussion on how they handle data:
    • how data is treated as a resource that can be scheduled
    • how transfers are modeled
    • how files are advertised
    • how applications find files (query, by knowledge,?)

Closed on the March 1st call (minutes)

  • AI-0122c: Jem will check the usage of the term deployment in the OGSA Arch 1.5 document and propose whether to keep the term or delete it.
  • AI-0122d: Jem will draft proposed text for the Provisioning/deployment terms. (Depending on outcome of AI-0122c)

  • AI-0122e: Andreas will create tracker for the Container Modeling document Done
  • AI-0122f: Hiro will post known issues to the tracker. Done
  • AI-0122g: Ellen will ask for comments from specific people in the BES-WG (Andrew Grimshaw , Steven Newhouse, Chris Smith, etc.)

  • AI-0122a: Hiro and Paul will do strawman of the joint OGSA/Reference Model document by OGF19
  • AI-0122b: Paul will update the agenda of the Reference model BOF session. (Hiro will send Paul a pointer on how to do this update.)
  • AI-0115a: Ellen will send out the link to a DMTF feedback template form.
  • AI-0115b: Ellen will summarize the review of the DMTF documents and review the text at a future call.
  • AI-11.30a: Michel to talk with Tom and Ellen on how to go about documenting his current proof of concept in the Info model Arch doc.
  • Ellen and Tom to write up a "Information Model profile document: BES Container"
  • Andrew to contact the HPCP WG regarding future involvement to create profile(s) on, e.g. BES, JSDL etc.
  • AI-1009a: Review slide 6 again and clarify what the problem is (Reference Model Design Team)
  • AI-1009b: Review the Reference Model 'Manage Job' in more detail.
    • Specifically look at it from the perspective of an enterprise application (e.g., a 3-tier app) (Reference Model Design Team)
  • AI-1009c: Hiro to ask Jay to provide his comments for Slide 6
    • Perspective of submitter vs platform provider and the hierarchical model connection
  • AI-1009d: Jem will produce a topic discussion list for the converged glossary
  • AI-1005a: Alan Sill willing to take responsibility for pushing the process for getting a charter ready
  • AI-1005b: People to send Dave Snelling more information, ideas for more security calls to complete coverage
    • (Since this does not have any specific owners, it will be closed Oct. 19)
  • AI-0928a: Takuya will issue a final call on BSP-Core on the list.
  • AI-0925c: Hiro to ask Alan Clark to ask EGA TC member who want to contribute to join the OGSA list and this convergence work.
    • Members may have changed but organizations have not
  • AI-0925g: Tom will send a note to the list (to: Ellen S and Fred M) on why the current separation of service/info model may not be quite right.

  • AI-0921c: Dave S (as Standards VP) to talk to the next Security AD (when one is selected) about the Security Area task list.
  • AI-0915a (A Savva, S McGough): Set up a telephone conference to collect workflow experience
  • AI-0915b: Ellen to check the status of the items on the DMTF work register: report which have been done, and what DMTF is doing for the rest.
  • AI-0915c: Ellen to propose new text to update the DMTF register

  • AI-0915e: Hiro to talk with OGF Editor to start an errata process
  • AI-0914a (Andreas Savva): Integrate the simple Data scenario just presented into the scenarios document
  • AI-0913a: Andreas to update function names of BES.
  • AI-0913b: Andrew to write-up a couple of such JM functionalities (short paragraph for each, e.g. time constraint as JSDL extension.)
  • AI-0913c: Andreas to add another scenario to use this “terminate” method of activity interface.
  • AI-0913e: Andreas to separate un-deployment as a separate scenario.
  • AI-0913f: Andreas to describe relation between ACS and CDDLM.
  • AI-0913g: Donal to provide his proposal.

  • AI-0831e: (A Savva) Talk to ACS working group for refining this scenario.
  • AI-0831f: (A Savvva) Research RNS and probably update the EMS Arch Scenarios document
  • AI-0803e: Jun will provide an example of the CDL mechanism and why using ID/IDREF is not a good idea.
  • AI-0803f: Jun will update the CDL document to remove the Environment variables

Closed on the Oct. 9th call (minutes)

  • AI-0928b: Takuya will get another opinion on TLS 1.1 and ciphersuites (probably ask Frank Siebenlist)
    • see next item
  • AI-0928c: Andreas will propose new text for the reference to the NIST document to make it clearer that it is an informative statement
    • Obsolete since we have agreed to provide normative text
  • AI-0925b: Jem to pull definitions together and produce a new merged first draft.
    • Send a mail to the ogsa list about this work
    • Set Oct. 9 as the target for the first Glossary draft
    • Closed. Draft was posted to gridforge
  • AI-0921b: Security members to discuss the BoF proposal(s) further
    • For example, one outcome could be some standards activity to mirror CAOPS activities and tie-in to OGSA
    • Closed. Started writing charter.
  • AI-0921d: Dave S to collect additional material in order to identify security issues better.
    • (AI-0921e is an issue instance)
    • closed.
  • AI-0914f (H Kishimoto): Fix the location of the next F2F and inform the group vial the mailing list
    • closed

Closed on the Oct. 5th call (minutes)

  • AI-0925a: Hiro to setup wiki page with names of people who have expressed interest in the security team
    • done
  • AI-0921i: Dave S to provide an agenda for the next security call.
    • Draft agenda items:
      • What needs to be done to achieve simple interop generally and to bootstrap more
      • Profile to get authentication information from a secure channel for authentication
      • Profile for other methods to get authentication informatin for authorization
    • closed

Closed on the Oct. 2nd call

  • AI-0925d: Paul Strong to send EGA Glossary MS-Word file to Jem Treadwell
    • done
  • AI-0925e: Hiro to talk with Andrew Grimshaw and Mark Morgan and bring back a concrete proposal for the HPC Profile use case as a convergence candidate.
    • done
  • AI-0925f: Hiro to talk with Ellen Stokes and add more items in DMTF register in the context of this convergence work
    • done: we will discuss on Oct. 16
  • AI-0921a: Andreas to ask Greg to setup a tracker for change requests to the OGF template document.
    • done
  • AI-0907b: Takuya will search for an external reliable source of strong (or deprecated) ciphers to reference.
    • done
  • AI-0907c: Andreas will revise the explanatory text and send the new version to Takuya.
    • done
  • AI-0907d: Takuya will update the documents and issue a final call on the list. (Probably during GGF18.)
    • closed: overidden by AI-0928a

  • AI-0921a: Andreas to ask Greg to setup a tracker for change requests to the OGF template document.
    • Closed: Andreas sends an email to Greg on Sept. 28th.
  • AI-0921h: Hiro to allocate a slot to review security work progress at a future call. Perhaps Oct 5.
    • Closed: It is on telecon schedule.

Closed on the Sept. 25 call (minutes)

  • AI-0921e: Alan S to provide material on the issues relating to path validation.
    • Closed. Alan has sent information to the list
  • AI-0921f: Dave S to ask Richard C to put the security topic on the agenda of the first Interoperability call and to also ask that the teleconference announcements be sent to the OGSA list
    • Closed. Already discussed on the Interop call.
  • AI-0921g: Hiro to add Alan Sill to the OGSA-WG list
    • Closed.
  • AI-0914b (D Snelling, D Merrill): Set up an OGSA Security design team
    • Closed. There was a call last week.
  • AI-0912a: Hiro to set up an initial group of people to start a discussion within OGSA. Identify what should be done.
    • Dave Snelling, Andrew Grimshaw, Tom Maguire
    • Paul Strong, Alan Clark, Bob Thome
    • Closed. Today's discussion.

Closed on the Sept. 21 call (minutes)

  • AI-0913d: Andrew to propose clarification on this issue in BES specification.
    • Done at GGF18.
  • AI-0914c (E Stokes): Send a mail to the BES mailing list requesting re-examination of the BES spec appendix regarding the Information Model relationship
    • See AI-0914d.
  • AI-0914d (A Grimshaw): Propose new text for the said appendix; arrange telecon woth interested parties to mediate the conflicting interests
    • Closed.
      • Andrew has started working on new text for the Appendix. This AI belongs to the BES WG.
  • AI-0914e (A Grimshaw): Initiate and ramp up the interop fest activities
    • Closed.
      • Andrew has initiated this activity. Richard Ciapala (MS) has taken over this activity.
  • AI-0907a: Hiro to add Chris Jordan to the list of people attending the F2F at the IBM facility.
    • Obsolete; Closed.
  • AI-0907e: Hiro to send an email to Greg requesting that the 'obsoletes' information be added to the document template.
    • Closed.
      • Already added to template.
  • AI-0907f: Hiro to add an agenda item for the F2F to discuss a revision of statement R0711.
    • Closed.
      • The BaseFaults issues were discussed at the last F2F.
      • The minutes of this session were uploaded after the agenda of this call. There are an additional 4 actions (2 on BF).
  • AI-0831c: (A Savva) Update/rewrite secction 4.1 of the EMS Architecture scenarios
    • Closed.
      • Put in EMS Scenarios tracker.

  • AI-0831d: (A Savva) Add the Application Version in section 4.2, paragraph 4, of the EMS Arch Scenarios
    • Close
      • Put in EMS Scenarios tracker.
  • AI-0831g: (D Berry) Revise the joint Data/EMS scenario and add sequence diagrams including implementation variations, i.e. ByteIO, by GGF18 EMS Arch Scenarios document
    • Closed.
      • Andreas set up EMS Scenarios tracker.
  • AI-0831h: (M Morgan, A Grimshaw) Provide an outline sequence how BES, ByteIO, RNS, etc. are combined together at University of Virginia
    • Closed: Mark sent the document out before GGF18.
  • AI-0828a: Frank will do more investigation into the idea of adding portType info to an EPR as metadata, and make a proposal.
    • Closed.
      • Initial discussion clarified that this action is about annotating EPRs
      • Frank has looked into it. The recently released WS-Metadata Exchange specification shows (examples of) how this annotation can be done. The approach should be applicable here.
      • Initially this issue was specifically about adding porttype information but WS-MetadataExchange shows how any kind of information may be embedded.
      • (Dave S) There is non-normative text in the WS-Addressing Core specification (sec. 2.2, under endpoint Metadata extensibility) that refers to examples on how to include wsldLocation information. This is sufficient and there is no need to use the WS-MetadataExchange spec.
      • There were questions about the status of the WS-MetadataExchange specification. It is not in a standards body yet. It is covered by the recent MS open licence announcement.
      • Is this issue covered by the WSRF BP? Yes.
  • AI-0810a: Donal to look into the relation of the EPS and CDL (retrieval, update, etc). (Eventually this should probably become a separate scenario.)
    • Closed
      • Subsumed by AI-0913g
  • Steve McGough & Andreas to do a mapping from the current JSDL elements / terminology into the new information model structure (Proposed split into Description and Requirements) (from July 18th F2F, postpone until Aug. 17)
    • Done at the F2F. Closed.

  • AI-0831a: (A Savva) Merge and publish minutes for the call on 10 August 2006
    • Done before GGF18
  • AI-0831b: (H Kishimoto) Send CDDLM & CDL working copies to Andreas as they are slightly different from the versions in this draft
    • Done before GGF18
  • AI-0817c: Andreas will talk with Hiro about getting a 1-2 hour slot on Thursday. It is important to know early next week---by the Monday (8/21) call.
    • Done

Closed on the Sept. 7 call (minutes)

  • AI-0831a: (A Savva) Merge and publish minutes for the call on 10 August 2006
    • done
  • AI-0831b: (H Kishimoto) Send CDDLM & CDL working copies to Andreas as they are slightly different from the versions in this draft
    • done
  • AI-0828b: Takuya will update the 8/11 Auth-Z proposal minutes to respond to Frank's request for clarification, and pass them to Andreas.
    • done

Closed on the Aug. 31 call (minutes)

  • AI-0828c: Hiro to check on the status of the documents that have been submitted to the GGF Editor.
    • Hiro asked Greg Newby abut the doc status but got no answer. Instead, Joel Replogle stated the docs are in the pipeline, and will be published before GGF18
  • AI-0817b: Stephen Davey will do a cut down parameter sweep scenario focusing on the JSDL+BES+Data Transfer/Staging service
    • Closed. First draft sent to OGSA ML.

Closed on the Aug. 28 call (minutes)

  • AI-0821a: Hiro to talk to Jun and CDDLM group about EGA & CDDLM comparison proposal.
    • This action has been completed; closed.
  • AI-0821b: Hiro to talk to Jem about EGA & OGSA glossary comparison. This action is complete; Jem will do the comparison for GGF18.
    • Closed.

Closed on the Aug. 21 call (minutes)

  • AI-0817c: Andreas will talk with Hiro about getting a 1-2 hour slot on Thursday. It is important to know early next week---by the Monday (8/21) call.
    • Done

Closed on the Aug. 17 call (minutes)

  • AI-0803a: Hiro to look into an option for a second EMS/Data call on Sep 7. Tentative; needs confirmation with likely participants.
    • Agreed to schedule this for Aug.31, preferably in the second part of the call.
    • Data will provide updates (if any) from their F2F at the end of August.
  • AI-0803c: Ellen to book the IBM facility on Thursday afternoon
    • Done
  • AI-0803d: Hiro to divide GGF18 B2B F2F survey into three periods: Thursday afternoon, Friday morning and afternoon.
    • Done
  • Andreas and Hiro to revise the EMS scenario document (i.e. examples) so that proposal 2 is fulfilled (July 20 F2F)
    • Andreas will merge Hiro's updates into the next draft
    • Done


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