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wiki1569: ActionItems

Action items

Following is the current list of action items as of 24 April 2007. This list is reviewed every teleconference.

To make it easier to reference, each action item is labeled according to the following convention: AI-mmdd'a-z' where mmdd is the month and day of the teleconference or meeting on which the item was recorded. (Some older actions may not follow this convention.)

Note that issues relating to specific documents should be submitted to the appropriate tracker instead

Action items for General Topics

  • AI-0915d: Tom will post BP base faults issue to tracker
  • AI-0314pm-a: Jay (and Andrew) to write up a short paper describing the resolution of data grid usecase/requirements
  • AI-0316b: Hiro to contact the proposed co-chair candidates offline, also GIN and Globus

Action items for Information/data modeling

Action items for EMS

  • AI-0316a: Andrew Grimshaw to get use cases for Information Services from two points of view:
    • a) from the querier point of view
    • b) from the Information Service point of view

Action items for Security

  • AI-0315a: Andrew et al to develop Express Authentication Profile, HPC Profile (Andrew to talk to them), Frank (review), Michel Drescher (Unicore), (Steve McGough) GridSam,
  • AI-0315b: Andrew to contact GIN (Erwin Laurie) about existing (delegation free) use cases.
  • AI-0409a: Duane will produce a next version of the use case documents; prioritizing the use cases, including pointing out which ones cannot be addressed with the state of the art
  • AI-0409b: Liberty spec statements on EPRs (compatibility or intent vs OGSA BSP) should be checked; are these true and is there some difference in interpretation that is unresolvable? - Duane will do an initial review to be discussed on the April 23 teleconference
  • AI-0409c: Strawman version of Express Profile (currently called "Recommendations for OGSA SOAP Usage") should be complete by OGF-20 (Andrew). - Document should be put into GridForge (Duane, Mark).

Action items for Glossary

Action items for Roadmap

  • AI-0402a: Michael B and Hiro K will collaborate to draw a new figure one for Appendix B
  • AI-0402b: Michael B to clean up usage of 'standard' and 'specification' in Appendix B
  • AI-0402c: Michael B to delete Figure 2 in Appendix B
  • AI-0402d: Chris J to add new table for 5.2.2 (Core)
  • AI-0416a: Chris J to confirm the adoption levels for the WS-Addressing and WSRF and WS-N specs
  • AI-0416b: Chris J to ask andrew grimshaw for implementation status of WS-Naming
  • AI-0416c: Andreas S to update JSDL entry
  • AI-0416d: Michael B to remove IUDD from text (ACS entry)
  • AI-0416e: Chris J to remove IUDD from the spreadsheet
  • AI-0416f: Chris J to look into status of RSS (Donal Fellows) and whether it should be included in the Roadmap

Action items for Workflow

  • AI-0314d: Andrew to contact Bill Nitzberg about Workflow
  • AI-0314e: Steve McGough to talk to OMII about Workflow


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This is a static archive of the previous Open Grid Forum GridForge content management system saved from host file /sf/wiki/do/viewPage/projects.ogsa-wg/wiki/ActionItems at Thu, 03 Nov 2022 00:02:29 GMT