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2006 Winter Interim F2F (#16) meeting Nov. 9 & 10

As of 10 Nov., 2006

Related Information

Date and location


We are working on selecting the hotel(s). The following is the candidates at this moment. Both are on the same side of the highway from IBM office and within 5 minutes walk.

  • Doubletree Guest Suites Tampa Bay
    • 3050 North Rocky Point Drive West, Tampa, Florida, United States 33607-5800
    • hotel: +1-813-888-8800 Fax: +1-813-886-8926
    • Doubletree reservation center: +1-800-222-8733
    • $78 IBM rate (via Doubletree reservation center)

Dial-in information

  • US Toll number: +1 408-961-6509 (San Jose) and +1 718-354-1071 (New York)
  • UK Toll number: +44 (0)207 365-5269
  • JP Toll number: +81 (0)3 3570 8225
  • The pass code: 4371991

Proposed agenda


  • Move security discussion to Thursday morning (David Chadwick)
  • Cancel SML education session and have telecon session after F2F (Ellen)

Thursday Morning (9am - 12:30pm)

  • Welcome (Tom Maguire and Hiro Kishimoto, 0.5 H) (slides)
    • NOMCOM-2006 is soliciting nominations for open positions as Open Grid Forum Area Directors and for Vice President Standards. Deadline is November 19.
    • Group dinner plan
    • Agenda bashing
  • Information modeling document review (Ellen Stokes and Fred Machiel, 1.5 H) (document)
    • Container model document
    • Modeling guideline
  • document status review (Hiro Kishimoto, 0.5 H)
  • Security (Alan Sill, 1 H)
    • OGSA-AuthN-WG charter
    • other security business
    • Capability discovery workflow and scenarios

Thursday Afternoon (1:30-6pm)

  • Info model & service interface integration discussion (Ellen Stokes and Tom Maguire, 1.5 H)
    • Motivating example
    • The subject is really about the linkage between the services we define in OGSA (of course as guided by the reference model) and the information model that is exposed through those services. In general this has been addressed in the way that SNIA and DMTF build Profiles. Terminology is a bit overloaded here... the way we (OGSA) use profiles is in the WS-I sense. Profiles in the SNIA and DMTF are about refining information models to instance based models (cardinality restrictions on relationships, required and optional properties, etc) and the tie of those instances to tasks (service interfaces). We should consider how we are going to accomplish the same thing in OGSA.
  • EMS architecture scenarios (Andreas Savva, 1 H)
    • final document review
  • EMS roadmap discussion (Andreas Savva, 1 H)
    • Future EMS scenarios (capabilities)
  • Next generation profiles (Andrew Grimshaw, 1 H)
    • I would like to suggest that we discuss the HPC-profile - and whether a next generation profile should be done as well.

Friday Morning (9am - 12:30pm)

  • JSDL/XQuery/Info Model discussion (Ellen Stokes and Michel Drescher, 3.5 H)
    • Michel's demo Slides
    • JSDL 2.0 requirements (Fabio Benedetti); how do these fit into XQuery/Info Model?

Friday Afternoon (1:30-4pm)

  • OGSA roadmap v1.1 review (Chris Jordan, 1 H)
  • Future schedule (Tom Maguire and Hiro Kishimoto, 1.5 H)
    • Identify tasks and priorities
    • Gaps and holes
    • OGF19 session plan
    • Telecon schedule

Attendees List

Attendees in person (12)

  • Hiro Kishimoto, Fujitsu (SC06)
  • Tom Maguire, EMC
  • Andreas Savva, Fujitsu (SC06)
  • Andrew Grimshaw, UVa (SC06)
  • Fred Brisard, CA
  • An Ly, CA
  • Ellen Stokes, IBM
  • Fred Maciel, Hitachi
  • Michel Drescher, Fujitsu
    • Nov. 9am/pm and Nov. 10am (SC06?)
  • Mark Morgan, UVa (SC06)
  • Steve McGough, IC
  • Fabio Benedetti, IBM

Dial-in (13)

  • Frank Siebenlist, ANL (SC06 Nov 16-17)
  • Allen Luniewski, IBM
    • Thurs pm and Fri am/pm
  • David Snelling, Fujitsu
    • Thurs pm and Fri am/pm
  • David Chadwick
    • Thurs am/pm and Fri am
  • Jem Treadwell, HP
    • Not planning to attend, but will join by phone for applicable sessions.
  • Chris Jordan, SDSC
  • Dona Dickinson, NGC
  • Chris Kantarjiev, Oracle
  • Alan Sill, TTU
  • David Groep, National Institute for Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Blair Dillaway, Microsoft
  • Donal Fellows, UoM
  • Jay Unger, IBM

Apologies (3)

  • Ian Foster, ANL (SC06)
    • Sorry i can't make it.
  • Steven Newhouse (SC06)
  • Chris Smith, Platform (SC06)

Group Dinner


Bahama Breeze

  • it's next door to the Holiday Inn Express - within walking distance from the Doubletree. It has good food and outstanding drinks, plus some good live entertainment on the deck. I'm sure you will find it a fun place to relax after a hard day of "thinking" (Fred Brisard).
  • I can definitely recommend the Bahama Breeze - have had dinner there yesterday evening! (Michel Drescher)

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