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Interoperability Event at OGF27

Monday 12th October, 15:00-16:30 (Banff Canada time)

Participating Technologies

MiddlewareEndpoint URI OS Architecture #cores support contact
UNICORE (testing) SuSE AMD 64-bit - Shahbaz Memon (
ARC Debian Lenny i686 16 Peter Stefan (
GENESIS sulla.epr Ubuntu Linux i686 8 Mark Morgan (
GridSAM Scientific Linux SL 4.7 AMD 64-bit 256 Matteo Turilli ( Steve Crouch (
SMOA Computing (UsernameToken); (X509) Scientific Linux SL 5.3 Xeon 64-bit 24 Mariusz Mamonski (
BES++ - - - Operator - Kazushige Saga (; Maintainer - Chris Smith (, Platform Computing

Interop Status

Client / Service UNICORE ARC GENESIS GridSAM BES++ SMOA Computing
UNICORE N/A - - pass - -
ARC - N/A - - - -
GENESIS - - N/A pass - -
GridSAM pass - - N/A - -
BES++ pass pass - pass N/A pass
SMOA Computing - - - - - N/A

The BES++ Client is a generic client used in previous interop tests, which is being used as the base client for the interop application demo and can be obtained here.

Standard Setup

- In order to target UNICORE endpoint please contact Shahbaz for ftp username and password to be used in the attached unicore-ogf27-fsp.xml.

JSDL Documents

ARC: arc-ogf27-job-working.jsdl

GridSAM: gridsam-ogf27.jsdl

UNICORE: unicore-ogf27-fsp.xml

Job output



Application Information

The Fortran Minem.tar.gz provided by David Wallom. You will need a Fortran compiler to build the executables (e.g. GNU Fortran), but if you're lucky the pre-built executables may work on your system (as reported by /usr/bin/file, they're ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.2.5, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped).

From David Wallom:

"It is a command line app written in fortran which can be built easily using GNU fortran. The workflow has a piece of preprocessing to generate a stated number of input files, a parallel set of processing and then a final post processing. The interop part will be for the middle parallel processing of course. I have attached the tar.gz file of the app.

A more details description of the workflow is below:

1) ./make_runs $CHARGE $WAYS $OUTROOT Generates the input files for the main minimisation app, They're named ${OUTROOT}_${CHARGE}_${N}.in

2) for (N=1,N=$WAYS,N++) {update_file ${OUTROOT}_${CHARGE}_${N}.in ${OUTROOT}_${CHARGE}_${N}.out}

3) ./compile_results $CHARGE $WAYS $OUTROOT >> ${OUTROOT}_compile_results_output

Will read all of the .out files generated in the previous step and generate a single file with the best solution identified."

With the executable directory on your path, you can use to see how the application works.

renkeicert.pem [GINOGF27/renkeicert.pem]
uva-standard-assurance-new.cer [GINOGF27/uva-standard-assurance-new.cer]
arc-ogf27-job-working.jsdl [GINOGF27/arc-ogf27-job-working.jsdl]
arc-ogf27-good.jsdl [GINOGF27/arc-ogf27-good.jsdl]
sulla.epr [GINOGF27/sulla.epr]
gridsam-escience-root.pem [GINOGF27/gridsam-escience-root.pem]
unicore-ogf27-fsp.xml [GINOGF27/unicore-ogf27-fsp.xml]
gridsam-ogf27.jsdl [GINOGF27/gridsam-ogf27.jsdl] [GINOGF27/]
Minem.tar.gz [GINOGF27/Minem.tar.gz]
gridsam-escience-ca.pem [GINOGF27/gridsam-escience-ca.pem]
arc-ogf27.jsdl [GINOGF27/arc-ogf27.jsdl]
arc-ca-cert.pem [GINOGF27/arc-ca-cert.pem]
user-cert.pem [GINOGF27/user-cert.pem]
demo-ca-cert.pem [GINOGF27/demo-ca-cert.pem]

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