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Current Documents  (13 Items)
Document ID : Document Name Size Last Edited By Last Edited On  
doc13710: DAIS RDF(S) Realization: Background and Motivational Scenarios 713.5 KB Isao Kojima 09/04/2006  
doc14820: Data Access and Integration Services - RDF(S) Access Glossary of Terms 352.5 KB Isao Kojima 01/25/2008
doc14696: WS-DAI RDF(S) Querying specification Summary 73 KB Isao Kojima 07/30/2007  
doc14697: WS-DAI RDF(S) Querying use cases summary 184 KB Isao Kojima 07/30/2007  
doc15667: dair-interop-test-report 457.5 KB Mario Antonioletti 11/16/2009  
doc15722: WS-DAI RDF(S) Realization: Introduction, Motivational Use Cases and Terminologies 4.64 MB Mario Antonioletti 10/09/2009  
doc5167: WS-DAIX Version 1.0 493 KB Mario Antonioletti 03/16/2010  
doc15613: WS-DAI-RDF(S) Ontology Specification, Profile 0 473.74 KB Miguel Esteban Gutierrez 04/20/2009  
doc5181: Interoperability Plan for DAIS Working Group Specifications 134.5 KB Steven Lynden 06/19/2006  
doc16019: RDF Querying Spec - Interoperability 172 KB Steven Lynden 02/28/2012  
doc14074: WS-DAI-RDF(S) Querying 329 KB Steven Lynden 01/25/2012  
doc5169: WS-DAIR Version 1.0 359 KB Steven Lynden 01/16/2012  
doc5168: WS-DAI Version 1.0 424.5 KB Steven Lynden 01/16/2012  

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