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wiki1711: HowToApplyForIBMRSMForOGFUse

How to apply for IBM RSM for OGF Use

(Note some of this information still refers to GGF and it may be the case that the IBM site still only offers the option of GGF.)

GGF is now on the list of standards organizations for the IBM RSM academic/SDO license (so folks can have access to the applications such as the Rational tools OGSA decided to use for info modeling and EMS sequence diagrams).

Ellen has her name added to the approver list to shorten the approval time.

For people to request access, this is what they need to do....

1. go to

2. On the right side of the web page under the membership box there is a link called 'apply now'

3. Click that link.

4. To be able to request access, you first need a userid and if you don't have a universal IBM userid and password click on the link labeled 'register' and follow the instructions.

5. Once you have userid and password (or if you already have one), then you need to click on the link labeled 'step 2' to create an academic initiative membership by completing the membership application....follow the instructions after you click on that link. In the application form make sure you indicate that you are requesting this for GGF usage.

6. Once you submit the application, Ellen will be notified shortly thereafter to approve (and there is a backup to approve if she is not around), and once approved, you will receive approval notice and instructions on how to obtain the Rational tools.


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