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Open Cloud Computing Interface WG (OCCI-WG)

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Welcome to the Wiki of the Open Cloud Computing Interface working Group

Getting started

If you want to get involved follow the steps at the Getting Involved page. Our official website for marketing and PR purposes is located at The sources for our documents can be found in the Source Code section of gridforge.

Note it is good practice to add a "Version comment" to each of your wiki edits. Please do this when making edits.

We already had several OGF meetings - all details and the presentations held at those session can be found on the Meetings page. Next to this we have a conference call on a weekly basis. The dial-in information is located on the Teleconference Calls page.

Other presentations from our Members and others are located on the Presentations/Publications - which is worth a look.

Current work areas

Items that have not yet been discussed, specified or documented can be listed here:

Older workspaces

All our older workspaces and corresponding pages can be found here: Attic

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