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Meeting on 2009-10-09, 16:00 (CET) Notes
Luigi, David, Johannes, Morris

1) Look at the minutes from last time.

2) Discussion:
createActivity action

David: ordinary JSDL? - means not going to a new JSDL
-> meet in the middle

ftp, gridftp?

ftp, gridftp still in scope
SRB partly the same approach 

document initial version not covering data staging

overall overview, two month out. only few comments from Etienne
no crucial comments
need for reference implementation

PGI profile on top of BES 2.0

proceed with the reference implementation and get out with the PGI writings in parallel to the implementation

parts from Andrew, parts from other standards

Go to document:
Execution port type:

Any question to the execution port type interface?

Continue with 2nd chapter:
Action for Balazs and Morris:
GLUE 2 tunings, exectution port type
Action for Balazs and Morris:
fault mechanism

createActivity: discussing of possible fault

parameter sweep 
not agree to transaction approach, not wanted currently
browsing all epr

postpone transaction
go into the vector operation

transaction is not important at the moment
all jobs are single jobs, not interested in grouping jobs at the moment
no reason to change transaction

out of scope

it is not only grouping - it is a bit more
would not call out of scope - not every partner is represented today

createActivity operation
stresses changeability of BES, OGSA-BES2.0
how much BES has to be tweaked to move to our approach

in the reference implementation epr

is there some problem with this?

data staging
how could data staging work?
extend a little bit

partly covered by PGI service
extend the usage of credentials

Action for Morris: security aspects for credentials in data staging

typical way of doing 
not invent something new
provide more protocols
hierarchical approach to provide more functionality

data push from a client perspective
users from ARC, gLite mentioned this

partly related to the state model

Action for Etienne:
how much of the createActivity operation is covered by the state model?
(client initiated data staging)

other side effect:
hold points
continue operation
postpone and continue operation
keep out of the question now

focus on different aspects
figure of the process published (Morris)

Action for Morris:
createActivite figure of process should be delivered

Action for Morris: ask Shahbaz dataurl createActivity

fearly  easy
AGU JSDL working title

quite a long discussion what activities are valid

look behind the response 

JSDL element is dropped - no error
other implementations return an error if dropped.

have a look on Job description document validation

XML valid or not?

next level: check document according to the schema

is the sematics the same as we understand?
important to check the semantic

services are not really supporting parts of description
should have somewhere the information what kind of data staging information is provided
agreed to have this list. how this can be nailed down

Action to all: what is meant by service capabilities?
link to GLUE2? influence?

final discussion was what is understood by match making
never ignore things

if we take this JSDL doc - in the past simply ignored it
leading to the point -> never a fault -> user thought everything is fine

consensus: not ignore things any more

submit state:
Action for Etienne and Luigi: have a look at submit state
email with answer
email discussion will go on.

Question to Lugi:
last tbd in createactivity: lease?
each job has an attribute for basically the time to live of the job
renewed by client as long the client and the service can talk
when lease expires the job is removed from both sides

Action for Luigi: email:
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Re: Meeting on 2009-10-09, 16:00 (CET) Notes
The list of participants should also contain Etienne URBAH.


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