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Meeting on 2010-04-14, 15:30 (CET)
Morris, Balazs, Emmanouil, Etienne, Andrew, Johannes, Luigi, Mark, Steve Crouch

Review notes from previous meeting
going through
Morris and Balazs will suggest some strategies

Discuss cost-based phone conference facilities (FZJ, POWWOW, etc.)
set up a service which is not free calling in
let us temporarily use the FZJ tool

Amsterdam workshop planning, registration reminder, agenda setup(!), etc.

discuss the process first  - before the agenda
huge list of requirements
lot of requriements came from Etienne.
Balazs and Morris should discuss with Etienne to refine and group the requirements
first decisions if relevant or postponed

initial suggestions which to postpone?

first make Etiennes requirments more more common
put them on a separate page
if there are objections put them back in the original list

-> hava decrease of the number of requirements

to have a faster process in Amsterdam

This is fine - everybody should be able to go through and nothing should disappear

identify the groupings
with Etienne
get it in an excel sheet - clean overview
deprecated or postponed on a special wiki page to everybody to argue if they should be really postponed

everybody agrees

timeline for the three of you get together?

Wednesday morning?

Etienne is available

everybody during next weeks call should be able to have a look at the list
on wednesday evening or during the call

ready list end of next week

anybody from IGE, Globus

not member of IGE, but from Globus at LRZ - will talk to Helmut
Steve will be in Amsterdam

have the excel sheet at the next call

will point to the wiki page to edit the statements

clarify the understanding in the Amsterdam meeting
seems to be necessary step to close the requirmenets collection after Amsterdam

Amsterdam meeting is the deadline for requirements collection?
Anybody against?

everybody agreed!

repeat the steps:

1. Balazs, Morris, Etienne - go through the wiki page, find duplicates, groupiong
2. deprecated to another wiki page
3. put it in the excel sheet - available before next call - condensed set of requirements. discuss at the call
4. until Amsterdam -- everybody should point out which requirements are understood and which not

outcome of Amsterdam:
have the requrirments collection closed
to be able to make strawman documents

sent a mail with the first list of requirements which need clarification

Continue work on requirements

does not make sens - wait for the condensed list next week

start time for Amsterdam meeting?


everybody agreed


something more to discuss?

spend time what to do after Amsterdam etc.

go through the requirements is the most important thing in Amsterdam

try to stick shortly to the requirements - no grouping of the people

set requirements in stone

close the meeting the second day at 6pm

ok for everyone

stop between 5 and 6

Re: Meeting on 2010-04-15, 15:30 (CET)
This meeting did NOT take place on Wednesday 14, but took place on Thursday 15 April 2010


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