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Meeting on 2009-02-20, 16:00 (CET) Notes
start with 2) because of the interesting discussion taking place before this call
someone who wants to contact an endpoint needs security info
less middleware providers have adopted eprs
in pgi we should implement it
in UNICORE and DEISA eprs will be available in half a year
maybe in pgi in a second iteration

anything we do needs 3-6 months for production process

BES extension 3-6 months

We are free to decide what to implement.
We have to realize that not every service is a webservice.

Morris, Laurence:
Which services?
Not every service is necessary for interoperation.
Ensure to have the flexibility to deal with the future.

We want the data transferred, we want the jobs computed and the infos to do this -> webservice level
Mostly webservices in scope of pgi.

Clients try to connect to service by a "trial and error" approach.
gLite is using pgi profile but not he whole gLite middleware
gLite has the legacy interface which will be there for at least one year after starting a pgi interface

eprs: also decide to adopt eprs

information model used?
LDAP in egee, ARC, ...

There is a differece between running hello world jobs and jobs managed by workloadmanagers

if client out there performs a GLUE database query or an XML query -> no standard there
out of scope from pgi

There is a way to get the info:
-> information service

need to have an epr before we contact the service

eprs can be found in RNS
epr with minimalistic content (URI,...)

we should cover everything

no standard existing on which pgi could work

Security is a necessary issue for interoperability
first solve the security issue => then can move on other things

We are expecting to get epr from somewhere. 
We should not define an info service now.
At the moment some of the middlewares do not have an infoservice at the moment.

link to epr on webpage?
GLUE based website -> find in google ->get an epr with blind link?
how to find an epr?

all infoservices have bootstrapping mechanism


not out of vent mechanism -> epr
kickoff information flow

epr: OGF secure addressing elements inside

nail it down in document

Morris will provide some images before OGF25
At the OGF25 PGI has 
3 working sessions and
2 tutorial work shops


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