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Meeting on 2009-12-04, 16:00 (CET) Notes
Report from OGF27 BES Session with PGI inputs
Morris & Johannes

first plan was not to go to OGF27
-> decided to go to OGSA_BES session

interesting session with about 10-12 people attending

discussion of the "meet in the middle" approach

JSDL people also at the session
work closely together with JSDL

JSDL instance schema
much mor richer JSDL
SLA people are driving it
"on-top" thing on JSDL (keeping track etc.)
first out of the focus of PGI

basically discussions about Morris' slides from the NorduGrid conference

session directory discussed long
single- and multicore processiong

progress of strawman rendering doc is important!
BES2.0, JSDL2.0 scondary point

reference implementation
keep in one doc to make progress

resource sharing also discussed 
- different shares in one BES

different ways how BES is deployxed in the different middlewares

from certain perspective PGI is BES in some way now because PGI specificatiion will become BES specification
overlap with PGI of about 90%

It is very important to:
go forward with PGI til the OGI 28 in Munich in March - before the new projects start!!

Plans for OGF28 in Munich: GIN Interop Day with PGI output
Interoperability day in Munich
whole day GIN and PGI session with presentations and discussions
reference implementation very likely in January
-> show at OGF28

How to fill the day?
2 slots for GIn
other time for PGI

general PGI presentation 
show reference implementation
2 GIN, 2 PGI
+ working sessions on other days

action (Morris): session proposals -> call for sessions

three working sessions, half a day

action (Morris): should arrange that someone from gLite is there

Will there be a BES session at the OGF28?

if so we should align

action (Morris): check if there is a BES session, discuss with Andrew

Reports about Lessons learned and further potential inputs of HPC-BP demonstrations
skipped (David not present)

PGI Tasks & Plans Reviews
Morris & Johannes
go through actions from 9 Oct 2009

action: security aspects for credentials in data staging will be done by Aleksander

action (Morris): copy strawman rendering doc (latest version from Aleksander) to drafts

discussions about actions, already sent out - will resend it

discuss next meeting

switch track changes on
accept changes in meeting

screen sharing

just rendering doc is intersting for discussion
high quality doc is important!!!

put conclusions from discussion in the document

making progress on the doc is important!!

Absence during Christmas?
starting 18 Dec.
2nd week of January everybody is back


next meeting date
Tue, 8 Dec 2009

action (Morris, all): strengthen gLite participation


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