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Meeting on 2010-02-11, 15:30 (CET)

Voice & Screen-Sharing

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Proposed agenda:

Debrief minutes of last PGI TelCon

Debrief PGI actions (Johannes)

PGI Workshop to increase our speed?

Discuss status and OGF preparations (demos, etc.)

Next meeting




last telco
going through specification
remove "comment mess"
major outcome -> online

action for Balasz upload minutes

one operation : full validation
meet in the middle

PGI workshop to increase speed?

keep actions ongoing

we would like to have a good set of specifications in Munich
aspects for BES

does it makes sense to have a workshop?

yes, if it is in europe

Johannes: ok

Luigi: ok

can't speak for travel grant. chance that someone will come from their group is about 90%


at least two days workshop

trying to find a possible time slot

PGI - OGF28 status
initial schedule for PGI is online

very hard to shift things

everybody on the call will join the PGI sessions on Tuesday.

Debrief the wiki:
PGI wiki mainpage on gridforge

updated the PGI vocabulary
replaced outdated RFCs 

third poing: Points to be discussed
put the information from Balazs, from Bernd Schuller and Steven Newhouse

good work

would be good to have the Genesis experience also in here - Mark?

Action for all: go through the wiki

Debrief the use case section of the specification
page 3
changes in section 1.1

other changes are minor changes

next meeting:
Wednesday 3:30pm
Etienne: should check with ARC if they are available

Morris: small item discussed 
our plans: first finalize the specification in our terms
which elements we want to extract for BES
put additional elements to JSDL?
process to feed into the open standards

BES 1.1 question:
if BEs 1.1 would taking into account file staging

manual data staging?

in the notes of OGF27

lot of people moving away to Cloud...

backwards compatibility problem

not every part of PGI spec will go into BES

bottomline: no sense to have parallel specifications

do a PGI profile on top


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