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PGI Workshop - 19-20 March 2010, Munich
PGI Workshop, 19-20 March 2010
Friday: Balazs, Aleksandr, Oxana, Morris, Luigi, Andrew, David, Etienne, Kazushige, Johannes, Emmanouil
Saturday: Participants: Andrew, Morris, Balazs, Luigi, Etienne, Aleksandr, Johannes

Morris: going through Agenda
Group agreed that requirements list will not be final at the end of the meeting

Balasz: going through the minutes of the OGF28 PGI sessions
Andrew: should be open to have multiple profiles

Action: contact all the people not here, sending what was stated during the meeting

Wiki is the workspace of the group
We should label open issues as “postponed”

Going through the newly setup requirements wiki
Explaining the structure of the site and the table

Andrew, Oxana: should point to a document, references
Andrew: maybe use tracker

Adding “Met” to the set of requirement statuses
Add column to the table “source”

Etienne: tried to put simple sentences extracted from the documents

Morris: “Container” should be replaced by “instance”

Define terms
Interfaces, execution service, execution instance, information service

Discussing and changing the – by Etienne - proposed requirements
Discussing, clarifying and changing the used terms in the requirements
Discussing SF1, SF2
Luigi: How can I authorize my client to end your jobs?

Andrew: put it on the list for further discussion because we want to discuss proposed requirements
Agreed to delete SF2

Andrew: categorization can be done later

Etienne: Is MPI out of scope?
Oxana: No, we have to be sure to support it although not everybody will use it.
Agreed on SF3


Chapter 3, Container, 2 bullet points – done
Chapter 3, “create activity”
Discussing wiki: JM8
Start activity, pending state
Does not imply hold state or multiple hold states
	New requirement JM11 created

Chapter 3, “create activity”
Wiki DM6.1
David: the activity created by the execution service should be accessible by somebody authorized
Oxana: any client should be able to interact with the session directory
Etienne: understandable requirement
David: session directory of any created activity
Andrew: authorized access to the service
Chapter 3, “create activity”
	JM12

Chapter 3, “create activity”
Balazs: input parameter for what?
Etienne: For all of its operations
David: is this just in job submission? Jobs are treated independently?
Morris: several operations
Kazushige: lifetime of information?

Chapter 3, “create activity”
Andrew: original document shorter. Change “may” to “should”
Balazs: keep “may”
Etienne: internal notification between services; remove “client“

Job can be purged after certain time
Chapter 3, “create activity”, bullet 9
IS1 duplicate IS1.1
Chapter 3, “create activity”, bullet 10
Andrew: Data pull and push model
Chapter 3, “create activity”, bullet 11
Done before
Emmanouil Paisios joined

Balazs: in DM2: replace automatic by service-directed

Chapter 3, “create activity”, bullet 12
Andrew: pretty fine grained requirement
Has to be “must”
What state should something start?
By default the job should not go into hold state.  SM10

Chapter 3, “change state”, bullet 1,2
Add “pending” requirement  JM13
Balazs: What did you have in mind with pending?
Andrew: we had a doc at that time - isolate requirements. Pending, purge states.
Don’t know if all these requirements make sense today…
Etienne: for pending “submitted” state
Morris: pending has scheduling impact
Kazushige: what exactly means direct manual processing.
Etienne: if user interacts
Andrew: it should be client directed
Etienne: it is done outside the execution service
Balazs: execution service should support pending activity
Morris: Change to “client directed”
Etienne: exclude jobs which are not inside the execution service
Job should be related to a job...
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This is a static archive of the previous Open Grid Forum GridForge content management system saved from host file /sf/discussion/do/listPosts/projects.pgi-wg/discussion.meetings.topc4291 at Fri, 04 Nov 2022 17:44:50 GMT