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Meeting on 2010-07-08, 15:30 (CET)

Morris, Mark, Michael Saravo (new), Etienne, Johannes, Luigi, Michaela,

Luigi: summarize the PGI progress -> added to the agenda

Johannes as new additional co-chair

Secretary position vacant
Requested a third co-chair

News from the OGF and workshop
good progress on the requirements list
somebody from gLite should look at the list because there was nobody present
at OGF

reorganization of glossary of terms on website (wiki) import from OGSA_BES
and GLUE glossaries

gone through the whole glossary on wiki and OGSA_BES

action for Luigi:
check requirements and glossary

action for Morris:
check if the document on gridforge isup to date

what is the outcome? docuement of requirements?

action: organize an output document

Debrief Use case Process and status

Who send in use cases?

according to usual process:
we collected requirements
collect use cases
-> specification

  Morris, Johannes, Aleksander, Emmanouil, Etienne, Luigi, Mark (+ perhaps Michael), Michaela

From 15h30 to 16h00 CET, notes were taken by Johannes.

From 16h00 CET, notes were taken by Etienne.

  Chairs (Morris and Johannes):
    -  Find a 3rd co-chair
    -  Find a secretary
    -  For the Requirements Spreadsheet :  Check if GridForge contains the latest version.  If not, then upload the 
latest version to GridForge
    -  Give write access on GridForge to Emmanouil and Luigi so that they can upload documents
    -  Next PGI telephone conference :  Discussion not only on Use Cases, but also on the whole document process :  
Which documents should OGF PGI produce, in which order, in which time frame, ...

  Everyone can add comments to the template for Use Cases
    - Etienne will add some comments

  Following people should upload their Use Cases following the template to GridForge
docman/do/listDocuments/projects.pgi-wg/docman.root.input_documents.use_cases :
    - Emmanouil  for  Globus
    - Luigi      for  gLite
    - Morris     for  Unicore

  Following people should convert their Use Cases according to the provided template :
    - Etienne    for  EDGI
    - Aleksandr  for  ARC

  Next OGF PGI telephone conference on Thursday 2010-07-15 at 15h30 CET

Review process for the Use Cases
  Each member of OGF PGI may add comments to each Use Case.

    # 1 - Compile one single draft document containing all Use Cases, everybody can comment this single document
      Vote YES by Morris, Mark
      Vote NO  by Etienne :  In order to enforce traceability when many people simultaneously add comments to the same 
document, only a simple text document under SVN is suitable, NOT a MS-WORD or OpenOffice document

    # 2 - For a while, keep 1 separate document for each Use Case in order to receive comments, later compile all of 
them into a single document
      Vote YES by Etienne, Aleksandr
      In order to manage modifications of a document by several people :
      - GridForge permits to put a separate lock on each document,
      - It is more efficient to manage a separate lock for each one of several separate documents than 1 single lock on 

1 single big document.

    # 3 - Google Docs
      Vote NO by Etienne :  That is NOT OGF groupware.

  Agreed process:  Option # 2
    Assume each Use Case document is on GridForge
    1) Using GridForge, lock the document, then download it
    2) Using a document editor (MS-Word, OpenOffice, ...), turn the 'track changes' option on, perform the changes, save

 the document
    3) Using GridForge, upload the document, then unlock it
    4) Inform the group via e-mail that there have been changes

  Deadlines :
    2010-07-15  for everyone to make comments on each separate Use...
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