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2007 Spring Interim F2F (OGSA-17) meeting in March

As of 22 March, 2007

Meeting Materilas

  • Please upload presentation materials and draft minutes into the following GridForge folder:

Related Information

Date and location

  • Date & Time (PDT):
    • March 14: 9am-12:30pm 1:30-5pm @ 4op484
    • March 15: 9am-12:30pm 1:30-5pm @ 4op484
    • March 16: 9am-noon @ 4op226
  • Meals
    • Breakfast (W/Th/Fr) and lunch (W/Th) will be provided (Thanks Oracle!)
  • Location:
    • 400 Oracle Parkway Redwood Shores, CA 94065 Yahoo map Google map
    • "4OP" is shorthand for 400 Oracle Parkway; the Oracle Parkway buildings are the 10+ story tall buildings visible from the US-101 Freeway.
    • You will need to sign in, get a guest badge, and be escorted by an Oracle employee, probably Chris Kantarjiev. Chris' mobile phone is +1 650 255 6810.
    • We will meet Chris in the morning 8:30 at 400 building reception. The receptionist has a list of names which should speed up the process.
  • Direction:
    • It's about 15-30 minutes south of San Francisco International (SFO) (depending on traffic).
    • You can reach HQ via Caltrain; there is a free minibus shuttle from the Caltrain stop to Oracle, or walk (about a mile) from the Belmont stop.
    • If you're an adventurous fan of public transportation, you can get to SFO via Caltrain, but it's not easy. Caltrain to Millbrae, switch to BART, take BART to SFO. You need different tickets for Caltrain and BART. (Taking the Samtrans bus is easier and cheaper, but still requires one transfer.)
  • Contact:
    • Hiro Kishimoto: +1 312 399 3176
    • Chris Kantarjiev: +1 650 255 6810


There are many hotels in the area. These are a few that offer an Oracle rate:

Dial-in information

  • US Toll number: +1 408-961-6509 (San Jose) and +1 718-354-1071 (New York)
  • UK Toll number: +44 (0)207 365-5269
  • JP Toll number: +81 (0)3 3570 8225
  • The pass code: 4371991

Screen share service (

Proposed agenda

Mar. 14, Wednesday Morning (9am - 12:30pm)

  • Breakfast (8:30-9am)
  • Welcome and early discussion (9-9:30am)
    • note taker asignment
    • roll call
    • Ethnographic Study policy and rules
    • Agenda bashing
  • Roadmap (Chris Jordan, 9:30-10:45am)
  • Break (15 min: 10:45am-11am)
  • Workflow (Michel and Steve, 11:00am-12:30pm)

Mar. 14, Wednesday Afternoon (1:30 - 5pm)

  • Data grid usecases (Jay, DaveB, 1:30-3pm)
  • Break (15 min: 3-3:15pm)
  • QoS discussion (Steve, Andrew, 3:15-5pm)
    • Andrew will bring his SLA idea
    • Open discussion

Mar. 15, Thursday Morning (9am - 12:30pm)

  • Breakfast (8:30-9am)
  • JSDL2 Discussion (Andreas and Steve, 2H: 9am-11am)
    • (Agenda coming soon -- This is a JSDL-WG session)
  • Break (15 min: 11:am-11:15am)
  • Data Model Initial Tag Proposal Development (Ellen/Jay, 1.25H: 11:15am-12:30pm)
    • proposed base objects and their tags (XML) for the 'blue & green' bubbles of the info model architecture chart

Mar. 15, Thursday Afternoon (1:30 - 5:15pm)

  • Data Model Initial Tag Proposal Development (Ellen/Jay, 1H: 1:30pm-2:30pm)
  • Review of Model Guidelines document (Fred, 1H: 2:30pm-3:30pm)
  • Break (15 min: 3:30pm-3:45pm)
  • Security (Alan Sill and Andrew Grimshaw, 1.5H: 3:45pm-5:15pm)
    • Scoping of OGSA Security Design Team - 10 minutes - On a recent call we agree to focus the Design team on a short term profile, closely resembling current practice and built on existing specifications.
    • Summary of Current Practice - 30 minutes - We will refresh our minds wrt how Grids, e.g. Globus, Unicore, etc, currently deal with authentication and integrity of messages.
    • Scope the Design Team Document - 30 minutes - We will present a straw-man outline for the specification and see if a rough consensus is possible.
    • Overview of OGSA-AuthN Group Plans - 20 minutes - A quick summary of where the full scale Authentication work will be heading over the coming months.
    • Note from Nate: Standardization on a representation of a SAML credential nested within an x.509 certificate. There are several drafts on the table at OASIS regarding this. OGF will need to profile this mapping to ensure common understanding and a few other SAML/x.509 issues, e.g. DN uniqueness, should be taken care of as well in the same process.

Mar. 16, Friday Morning (9am - noon)

  • Breakfast (8:30-9am)
  • EMS design team (Andrew and Andreas, 9-10:30am)
  • Break (15 min: 10:30am-10:45am)
  • general session (Hiro, 10:45am-noon)
    • document status review
    • OGSA profile interoperability fest plan
      • In order to advance three GFD-P-R OGSA profiles to GFD-R status, we should have interop festa and write up experience document within 24 months.
    • OGF20 sessions and one day F2F meeting on Friday
    • telecom schedule

Attendees List

Attendees in person (15)

  • Hiro Kishimoto, Fujitsu
  • Andreas Savva, Fujitsu
  • Chris Kantarjiev, Oracle
  • Andrew Grimshaw, UVa
  • David Snelling, Fujitsu
    • I plan to arrive on Wednesday at 15:00 and will join the meeting ASAP. (Unavailable Wed Morning, by phone Wed Afternoon)
  • Ellen Stokes, IBM
    • I may or may not attend in person for Friday Mar 16 (personal reasons pending)
  • Fred Maciel, Hitachi America
  • Michel Drescher, Fujitsu
  • Steve McGough, IC
  • Mark Morgan, UVa
  • Donal Fellows, UMAN (confirmed)
    • I'll be arriving sometime on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Paul Strong, eBay
  • Frank Siebenlist, ANL
  • Jay Unger, IBM
  • Allen Luniewski, IBM
    • I would like to come to the Wednesday PM part.

Dial-in (10)

  • Bahareh Rahmanzadeh
  • Michel Behrens, R2AD
    • Sorry - timing not good for me to travel. Summer will be better.
  • Nate Klingenstein, Internet2
    • If it's extremely important that I attend, I can speak with Internet2 about releasing some of my time. Please let me know if that's the case.
  • Morris Riedel, Research Centre Juelich
    • EMS design team session on Friday am.
  • Alan Sill, TTU
    • Security session on Thursday pm.
  • Dave Berry, NeSC
    • Data grid usecases session on Wednesday pm.
  • Chris Smith, Platform
    • Data grid usecases session on Wednesday pm.
  • Fabio Benedetti, IBM
    • JSDL and workflow session
  • Fred Brisard, CA
    • Workflow, QoS, JSDL2, Security and EMS sessions.
  • Chris Jordan, SDSC
    • Roadmap session.

Apologies (1)

  • Steven Newhouse

Group Dinner on Thursday

  • all-you-can-eat Brazilian barbecue restaurant
  • 451 El camino real, San Bruno 650-615-9120
  • Other suggested restaurants
    • Fred Maciel
      • There's a Fish Market seafood restaurant close to Oracle too. 1855 South Norfolk St., San Mateo, CA 9440
      • I know good Chinese and Japanese restaurant around there too.
    • Hiro Kishimoto
      • Kincaid's, Burlingame (American)
      • Thai Satay, San Mateo (Thai)
      • Hungry Hunter, South San Francisco (steak)
      • La Pinata, Burlingame (Mexican)

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