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OGF21 - Software Forum - Panel Discussion

For OGF21 it is planned to have again a software forum where software developers present their current work. In addition it is planned to have a panel discussion where questions can be asked to the software developers. The mode will likely to be the following. In an introduction to the panel someone from the GIN-CG will outline the idea of the panel and explain a set of questions prepared and sent to the software developers in advance. The software developers will then get a little time to address each of the questions. Finally, in a general discussion there will be time for other questions as well as statements from the community.

The GIN-CG has been asked to suggest a list of software developers and prepare a set of key questions to be asked to the software developers. The following represents the outcome of the second GIN Session at OGF20 in Manchester:

Which software developers would you like to see in that panel?

Middleware developersMiddleware enhancers/Middleware distributions

Confirmed panelists

GlobusJennifer Schopf
UNICOREDave Snelling
Condor, VDTPeter Couvares
OMII-UKNeil Chue Hong
GRIA Mike Boniface
SRB,iRODS Richard Marciano
ARCBalazs Konya
gLiteLaurence Field
NAREGIKazushige Saga
CrownPaul Townend
OMII-EuropeSteve Brewer
GridWayEduardo Huedo

Session takes place Thursday, 1:30pm - 3pm, Portland

Questions to be asked to the software developers

Key Questions

  • From your perspective, what are the key (proposed) standards which you think will allow interoperability in the mid term?
  • What are your plans of supporting these?
  • Which is in your opinion the area which lacks standardization most (either because of the absence of standardization or because of insufficient standards)?


  • Which (future) standards are seen as important?
  • How close is your implementation to the (published) standard(s)?
  • Which are the proprietary extenstions to employed standards you had to make and why?
  • In case you omitted parts of a standard for you implementation, what parts did you omit and why?


The Grid infrastructure projects currently identify the fields with main obstacles for interoperation as

  • how to achieve interoperability
  • is there a common subset
  • is there a standardization effort on your roadmap
  • is there convergance of the roadmaps
  • how can we influence the roadmaps
  • Authentication and authorization due to the different methods and policy management X.509; X.509 proxies; SAML; XACML, uname/password
  • Access to storage SRM, SRB, gridFTP, http databases
  • Access to compute resources GT2, GT4, Condor, ARC, UNICORE, LCG-CE, (portals and metaschedulers) (HPCP-prototypes, CREAM, ...)
  • Service discovery MDS-4, MDS-2, bdII, UDII, ldap-based systems
  • information schema glue, MDS-schema, CIM, NorduGrid-schema
  • User documentation (configuration, arguments, performance)

Obviously, the identified areas cover all inter-site aspects of Grid computing. Hence,

  • What do you suggest are the best ways to tackle these problem areas?
  • Do you have a different opinion on the choice of areas? Do you see an area which is missing for whatever reason?

Further questions which could be asked

  • Roadmap document
  • What is your funding status in a mid- and long-term perspective?

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This is a static archive of the previous Open Grid Forum GridForge content management system saved from host file /sf/wiki/do/viewPage/projects.gin/wiki/OGF21SoftwareForumPanelSession at Thu, 03 Nov 2022 00:10:50 GMT