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GIN Wiki

GIN Overview gives a brief historical overview of the GIN collaboration. The page below sets out the results and the current working topics for GIN.

GIN Ready resources have been certified by their home Grids as being compliant with at least one of the GIN Phase 1 interoperable services. GIN is focussing on establishing interoperation between services, not acting as a broker of services. We are trying to identify islands of interoperation between production grids and grow those islands.

Groups who wish to make use of grid resources will still need to become authorized to use the grid resources. That usual requires some form of registration of the group with the grids of interest. The process varies from grid to grid but we are collecting grid contact points for participating grids as an aid. Since we are still in early stages of interoperation testing, users should not yet expect a smooth path and we are not yet recommending multiple grid use for novice users. However, groups with desire and need to contribute to the debugging work are welcome. They are encouraged to use their own persistent allocations/access to the grids so that the configuration investment persists for their production work.

We are collecting a set of "How-TO" descriptions of recommendations for people trying to use resources from multiple grids.

GIN has 5 current focus teams working on describing a few islands of basic interoperable services on participating production Grids. Each of the focus teams has a Wiki thread attached to the group name for further information in that area.

  • GIN-auth - Authorization and Identity Management
  • GIN-data - Data Management and Movement
  • GIN-jobs - Job Description and Submission
  • GIN-info - Information Services and Schema
  • GIN-ops - Operations experience of pilot test applications

GIN Interoperability @ OGF30, Brussels, Belgium

  • GIN@OGF30
    Plans and technical setup for GIN interop session at OGF30

Early plans for Open Grid Forum (OGF) 28, Munich, Germany

  • GIN@OGF28
    GIN organizes an 'interoperability day' at the OGF 28 in Munich. Early plans include demonstrations, a questionaire, early PGI-WG work debriefs, etc. You are welcome to add your suggestions to the Wiki page.

Demonstrations of GIN @ Supercomputing 2009, Portland, Oregon, USA

Demonstrations at Open Grid Forum (OGF) 27, Banff, Canada

  • GIN@OGF27
    Interoperability Demonstrations at OGF27 based on the High Performance Computing (HPC) - Basic Profile (BP)

Demonstrations of GIN @ Supercomputing 2008, Austin, Texas, USA

Interoperability/Interoperation in Theory and Practice

Former Activities

  • Results from the F2F meeting at CERN on 2007/03/14

Interested individuals may also subscribe to the mailing list or one of the sub-group mailing lists by using the mailman Web interface at Mailing list archives can be found here:

There are now several science groups beginning to use resources from multiple GIN participating grids. Groups willing to share their experiences are encouraged to flesh out the Multi-Grid Users tree under this Wiki. This is one way interested groups of users can make their interest know, share their experiences with their peers and the service providers, and raise the profile of their efforts. Please let us know how it's working (and/or not working) to help you with your science. A collection of the different GIN activities @ SC'06 can be found "here".

To contribute to these pages, you need to get a GridForge account and login. There should be an edit button at the bottom of the page if you succeed.


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Version 16 Dane Skow - 02/10/2007
Version 15 Charlie Catlett - 12/06/2006
Version 14 Erwin Laure - 11/01/2006
Version 13 Dane Skow - 09/12/2006
Version 12 Stephen Pickles - 09/11/2006
Version 11 Stephen Pickles - 09/11/2006
Version 10 Dane Skow - 09/09/2006
Version 9 Cindy Zheng - 09/08/2006
Version 8 Cindy Zheng - 09/08/2006
Version 7 Cindy Zheng - 09/08/2006
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