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GIN @ OGF23: GIN Security Profile Discussions - GIN-CG
A requested session proposal about GIN Security Profile Discussions at OGF23 in Barcelona has been accepted:

Wednesday, June 4
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
GIN: Security Profile (90 mins)
Erwin Laure, Morris Riedel, Thomas Soddemann
(GIN-CG) Group Discussion
Location: Montjuic

The fundamental goal of this session will be to take our experiences from production Grids into account and discuss how existing security specifications can be profiled to be used within production Grids. Technologies like X.509 or SAML for delegation will be reviewed as well as Security specifications of OGF.

More information at WIKI:

Morris Riedel - 05/15/2008 9:31 AM EDT
OGF22 - GIN Specification Adoption Track Session - GIN-CG
OGF22 - GIN Specification Adoption Track Session

This session at OGF22 will basically describe which standards have been used in our interoperation/interoperability demonstrations and will provide hints where standards are necessary to facilitate interoperability. The major outcome of this session should be interesting discussions between e-Science/Grid infrastructures on the one hand and e-Science/Grid technologies on the other. In addition, we would like to invite certain representatives from standardization groups to provide them feedback of how their standards are actually used (or planned to be used) in production scenarios.

Date: Tuesday, February 26
Time: 11:15 am - 12:45 pm
Room: Molly Pitcher
Duration: 90 mins

More information can be found on the WIKI:

Morris Riedel - 02/07/2008 7:31 AM EST
GIN Focussed Activity: Execution Environment Document - GIN-CG
A GIN focussed activity is a certain area of work that needs to be addressed to solve interoperation, but is typically not suitable to create an own OGF group for this challenge. The execution environment document is such a focussed activity.

The execution document presents a recommendation for a middleware-independent execution environment that a Grid job can find on every execution host. The document covers three main areas, environment variables, boot strapping environments and publishing application environments.

An early draft was compiled by Laurence Field and is available in GridForge:

If you have any comments or contributions, please use the GIN lists for this.

Morris Riedel - 01/21/2008 2:36 AM EST
GIN Paper for OGF Special Journal Issue - GIN-CG
The most of you know that Morris and some others from the group have worked on a paper the last months planed for a submission to the OGF Special Journal Issue.

While many different extensions/deadlines have been around, the official Website now indicates...

March 15, 2008

... as the deadline for submit.

Morris will provide a draft of this paper early in February so that the group can make comments in February until OGF22 for discussions. After this I will compile with the chairs the final draft, including discussed material at OGF22.
Morris Riedel - 01/21/2008 2:30 AM EST
Our requested session at OGF22 was approved:

Tuesday, February 26
11:15 am - 12:45 pm
Grid Interoperation Now (GIN): Specification Adoptions & Discussions (90

The plan for the content of this session is to highlight/debrief our supercomputing efforts (2006+2007) with a major focus on where we have used standards (and/or where suitable standards are still missing).

In the next weeks we will work on a more detailed agenda, so if there are ideas for the session in this context write your ideas to the GIN list!
Morris Riedel - 01/21/2008 2:24 AM EST

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